What Different Sizes Mean for Your Air Conditioner

What Different Sizes Mean for Your Air Conditioner

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As we discussed in last month's blog, you don't want to be in a position where you are overpaying for your air conditioner unit if it's a size that you don't need. You don't want to spend needless money on an air conditioner that is too big or not getting cool air due to one that is too small.

What the Wrong Sizes Mean for Your Home

If Your AC is Too Big: If you purchase a central air conditioner that is too big for your house, then it will run more like AC from previous decades. This means it will turn on quickly, cool your house rapidly and then shut off.  Your house will be nice and cool but due to it not going through the entire cycle it was designed for, like with most modern air conditioners, the heat will soon infiltrate your house and it will have to click on again.  This will be a continuous cycle of turning on, cooling it quickly, letting the house get hot and cooling it again.  This constant on-off cycle is the opposite of an energy efficient design and as a result, will drive up the cost of your energy bills considerably. 

If Your AC is Too Small: If you purchase a central air conditioner that is too small, you will also run into problems. Your small air conditioner will run constantly and spend most of the day trying to catch up to where it should be due to its inadequate size.  You most likely won't notice it as your home will still be nice and cool, but issues with complete cooling and energy efficiency will still factor in. The issue comes from modern central air conditioners, which will have a difficulty cooling your entire house if they are too small. This is because they are made to work slowly over time and don’t have the power to cool your house quickly and rapidly like older model air conditioners do.  This means that they will run constantly and run up your electric bill to needlessly high costs.

If Your AC is Sized Just Right: A properly sized central air conditioner will run through the necessary amount of cycles to keep your house comfortable and cool, but will not run so much that it loses its efficiency and drives up bill costs.  In other words, this is by far, an ideal situation to be in for comfort and cost efficiency. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Size

There are plenty of questions to ask when it comes to choosing the right size air conditioner for your home. While the professionals at Elico are more than qualified to find the right size for you, here are just some of the questions you should be thinking about.

How hot does it get in during the summer?
How about the winter?
How much shade is usually on your house?
Do you have a basement??
What color is your roof?

Choosing the right size is an essential step in finding an air conditioner that keeps you comfortable and doesn't break the bank. If you need help choosing your new air conditioner in Northwest Indiana or aren't sure it's the right size, give us a call!

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