Signs that Your Furnace is Dying

Signs that Your Furnace is Dying

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Your furnace, that valuable workhorse that keeps your home warm will die one day. It's inevitable, and something that has benefited from recognizing the signs early and taking steps to either fix them or replacing the furnace itself. Some of these signs include:

Your furnace is over 10 to 15 years old.

Your heating bills are going up

You need more frequent repairs

Your furnace makes strange noises

The air in your home is dry

It's these signs that can often be early red flags for a furnace on the brink of going bad. Sure, you could pay for repairs and for a little while, this could indeed be a viable solution. However, as the repairs start adding up and with that, the cost of a constant cycle of repairing a furnace could soon start outweighing the cost of a new one.

Furnaces about to break can also pose a hazard to people living in the home that goes beyond simply keeping warm. Old furnaces can release low levels of carbon monoxide that when exposed to people, can create flu-like symptoms and signs of nausea. This is a potentially deadly threat and should be treated as an emergency that evacuates the entire household due to the deadly effect this toxic gas has on people.

It's also important to notice that a room that does not immediately warm up does not always mean a faulty furnace. There have been plenty of cases where rooms would be inconsistent in their warmth, with some being warmer and some cooler than others. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat it may very well be an issue with communication between thermostat and furnace.

If you find yourself with any of these issues, please let us know and contact us today. A broken furnace is nothing to take lightly and we will be there to ensure that a thorough inspection is done to repair or replace your furnace. Contact us at (219) 309-9314 or email at


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